Unit Transfer guide

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The Unit Transfer tab can be used if the buyer has decided they wish to transfer their purchase to another unit. You will receive a warning message before continuing so this can never be done in error.

To begin a unit transfer:

  1. Click Start unit transfer
  2. You'll be given an overview of the current property and a list of all other available units in that development. We will then give you an overview of the selected unit, request a reason for the transfer and ask if the buyer details or agreed price will remain the same
    1. If you answered no to either of these questions, we will inform you that amendments to these details will be required in the subsequent reservation review
  3. Click Transfer unit details
  4. Click the final Confirm button to complete the transfer


    You can click the Cancel transfer button at any time during these steps and this will stop the transfer

  5. Once confirmed, you will be brought back into the reservation step listing. This will highlight any amendments needed to the unit details. Once altered, click Save & next then Confirm
  6. Unit transfer mode will now be visible on the banner in the development image. We will prompt you to revisit the relevant reservation steps that need to be reviewed. Click Continue in the banner to enter these steps and amend any details as necessary
  7. Once all the relevant steps have been edited, you will see the Review & Sign step where the reservation details can be reviewed and updated documents can be re-signed by both parties
  8. After completing the signatures, you will see the congratulations banner. Another notification will then be sent to all stakeholders confirming the unit transfer is complete. This will also resend all new documents to the stakeholders


When a unit transfer is made, a case note will automatically be listed and will also auto-populate in the Progression report, keeping you informed of any unit transfer history