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Chris Horroll
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The Reservation Side Panel is a sidebar menu displayed to the right-hand side of your summary page. To access the full menu, click on an icon and the display will pull out showing more information. The options displayed include:

Purchase Details

The Purchase Details tab is where you can see an overview of all the purchase information for that sale in one place. This includes:

  • The property information
  • Buyer information
  • Any financial incentives

The buyer will also have access to this page, so everyone can see a concise, clear overview of the purchase details at any time.


The Stakeholders tab is where you can find all of your stakeholder information in one place. If you click on the relevant stakeholder, their contact details will be revealed for you to use. The buyer will also have access to this from their portal too.

Document Store

The Document Store tab is where you can view and download all files which have been added during the purchase. These are laid out by the type of document, but you also have the ability to bulk download all documents.

Using the Shared store allows both buyers and sellers to add files to view and download.

 Did you know?

The Consumer Code is now available as a .pdf for Buyers within the Reservation section of the Document Store in the Sidebar

Chain Tracker

Chain Tracker is where you can build the related chain for this purchase, including the status of the properties and the agent acting on behalf of them.

To add a chain:

  1. Click Add new chain +
  2. Add the details of the buyer's property
  3. Enter the purchaser's name, property price and the estate agent dealing with the sale
  4. Any notes you wish to make can also be added, as well as the status of the property at any time

The status selections are as follows:

  • On the market
  • Sold subject to contract (offer accepted)
  • Contract exchanged (legally binding)
  • Completed (Cash in seller's account)
  • Non-dependant

You can continue the chain by adding more details for other properties if necessary. All notes can be edited or removed at any time and these will only be visible to the seller.


This is where you manage the notification settings. You can decide whether or not to send Reservation and Progression email notifications to stakeholders at any time. This option can be altered at each unit individually.

Delay Purchase

This will postpone the purchase of the property and a delay flag will be added until restarted. It can be used pre-reservation confirmation or post-confirmation so long as a reason has been given for the delay.

Unit Transfer

The Unit Transfer tab can be used if the buyer has decided they wish to transfer their purchase to another unit.


You will receive a warning message before continuing so this can never be done in error

 Not what you’re looking for? Did you mean…

Unit Transfer guide

Cancel Reservation

The Cancel Purchase tab is where you can cancel the reservation or sale of the unit. Once you click Confirm, we'll ask you to type cancel to ensure no mistakes are made. Once done, the purchase will be cancelled and this unit will be available to reserve again.