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Chris Horroll
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Yourkeys offers 3 helpful reports for each development on your Dashboard:

To run these reports, navigate to the Development Overview page then:

  1. Click the three dots beside each development
  2. Click Reporting
  3. Choose a report to view from the tabs
    1. You can also click Export as MS Excel to export all three reports into one spreadsheet


Depending on your user role, the following actions may not be available to you

Progression report

The first tab you will see on the reporting page is your Progression report. Here you will have an overview of all the units that are in the sales progression stages.

The Progression Summary will also populate key milestones allowing a full view of each transaction’s status. We will also highlight how many days until the exchange date is due or past its original estimate as well as any case notes related to the sale at the bottom.

If you wish to export this report, you can click Export as MS Excel and this will provide you with the information coupled with the key Progression Milestone dates allowing a complete overview of each transaction and the stage it is at. The export will also break down the progression information based on the key stages; Reserved, Exchanged or Completed.


Available units will not show in this report

Development report

In the second tab, you can view your Development report which documents the development metrics, such as:

  • Sales rate (PCM)
  • Unit totals by their status, number of bedrooms and tenure
  • Exchange averages
  • Price and square foot averages

Each section is displayed with fast and easy to view graphs.

Demographics report

In the third tab across, you will find your Demographics report. This shows an overview of your primary buyer data. Each section is displayed with fast and easy to view graphs.