Property Reserved: Progression Summary

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Once you have fully completed your reservation, you will have access to your Progression Summary.

From your Dashboard, click View on the property to access this page. Here you can access an overview of every step in the reservation and your sales progression. This includes:

  • All remaining steps until the purchase has been completed
  • The stakeholder responsible for each step
  • The status of each step (completed, skipped, pending, done)
  • The date and time each step is completed

You can also download attachments or documents you may want to read through or check.

 Did you know...

If your conveyancer is integrated with Yourkeys, the status of each step will automatically update on your platform when completed. If you have used a conveyancer that is not integrated, the seller will update the milestones on their platform

When any of your milestones are updated, you will receive an email to keep you informed. You will also have an overall Progression Summary status that will show when milestones are hit, for example, Contract exchange or Legal completed on this purchase.