My Reservation - Proof of Funds Details - Gift

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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If you have allocated part of the total funds as a Gift, we will ask you some questions relating to this.


If you receive more than £10,000 in gifted monies (per gifter), we will also need to verify the identity of the gifter(s) using our partner Onfido. All of this can be completed on our one-time portal linked in the email to the gifter (no sign up required)

What questions are asked?

To complete this step, we ask you to fill out the following details about the gifter(s):

  • How many people you are receiving a gift from
  • Full name(s) 
  • Email address(es)
  • Contact number of the gifter(s)
  • (optional) Home address(es) 

Once answered, we will then send an email to all gifters, asking them to sign a Gifted Deposit Declaration form.


Please be aware that if you change conveyancer, this form will need to be re-submitted for signature in order to be valid as this form must be addressed to your conveyancer. We will not require the ID Check to be re-done in this instance