Campaign insights

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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After creating and sending your campaigns, you can view the statistics for it within the Sent Insights section.

Here you can view a breakdown of all the important metrics which can help you to plan and strategise your future campaigns.

  1. Click the Campaigns section in the side panel
  2. Click Sent Insights
  3. Click All Sent


Using the Campaign Performance Dashboard, you can identify:

  1. Time period filter - You can filter the insights that are listed by changing the date range. You can click on any of the standard date ranges or choose Custom to create your own range
  2. Sent Insights section - To view your sent email insights, navigate and click on Sent InsightsThis displays all your sent campaign groups which you can choose between
  3. Total campaign insights - Depending on your chosen time period, you'll view the total campaign insights for all of the campaigns sent within the time period
  4. Individual campaigns - You can also view the insights of your individual campaigns. Click on ... (3 dots) alongside the relevant campaign to view a number of options:
    1. Summary Sheet - This shows you a summary of all of your stats for the individual campaign which can be downloaded as a .pdf
    2. Preview - This allows you to view a preview of the sent campaign
    3. Duplicate -This allows you to create a duplicate version of this campaign. It will be saved directly in your Drafts for future use
    4. Set Permissions - This allows you to change who has permission to view and edit this campaign within your team if you have admin privileges
  5. Group campaigns - Any campaigns that have been sent to specific groups can be saved and viewed by clicking on the groups here