Creating campaign emails

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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You can create campaigns quickly and easily using the campaign type creation tool.

To start with, choose the style of campaign you wish to create. You can choose between Direct Email, Campaign Email and Text Message. Then, Enter a Campaign Name and Add Tags to link campaigns to the correct development.


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Creating direct email campaigns

Direct emails use basic text and merge tags to convey messaging to your contacts. They are written in a standard email format, but by including merge tags, such as the highlighted one below, you can create one email which will send personalised emails to each contact.

In the below example, the first_name merge tag has been selected from the dropdown menu and used, which will allow groups of contacts to receive the same email but with their name in place of ${individual.first_name}.


In the below email Preview, you can see that each contact will see their own details in the email they receive when a merge tag is used.


Creating campaign emails

Within the campaign type creation tool, you can create campaign emails from scratch or import already created .html email templates or .zip files into the CRM to send to your contacts. You can also create templates to save and reuse multiple times.


Campaign emails can be easily created from scratch using the options within the template to add content such as banners, images and text.

Simply click on the blank slots within the body of the email and then click Replace to add your own content. You can also use merge tags to personalise campaign emails just like in direct emails.


Creating text messages

Text messages are created in a similar way to direct emails; basic  text and merge tags are used to convey your message. You can also add images saved in the CRM to your texts.

To create text messages, simply type out your message in the text box, adding any merge tags or images you would like to send. You'll have a limit of 1600 characters for each text message.



Text messaging is not a standard feature in the CRM and will be made available by request using Twilio integration

Scheduling campaigns

Once you've created your campaign and chosen your recipients, you'll have the option to send it at a later date. This can be helpful when you have specific dates for campaigns you would like to release such as holidays, new plot releases or coming soon developments.

You can set the campaign to send on any date and time in the future by clicking on the fields to change the send information.


If at any point you need to check all of your scheduled campaigns, you can do so.

  1. Click the Campaigns section in the side panel
  2. Click Scheduled
  3. Click All Scheduled