Understanding campaigns

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The CRM allows you to create and send bespoke email campaigns directly to the contacts you have stored.

Once sent, you can also monitor and measure the success of your campaigns to adjust your future strategies. You can also schedule future campaigns to target specific groups of contacts at the perfect moment throughout their house buying journey.

This article includes: 

Types of campaigns

When it comes to sending your customers information about your developments, the right campaign is essential. The CRM gives you the flexibility to choose the precise style which will deliver an impactful and timely campaign.

There are 3 types of campaigns, accessed from the Campaigns section in the side panel:

  • Direct Email - Direct emails can be created to send simple text-based personalised emails to your contacts
  • Campaign Email - Create bold, bespoke email campaigns from scratch or upload .html and/or .zip files of existing campaign templates 
  • Text Message - SMS text messages can also be sent to your contacts, however you're restricted to using text and emojis only

Campaign dashboard


  1. Drafts - All of your draft campaigns will display in this section of the Dashboard, including Direct Email and Campaign Email campaign types
  2. Scheduled - You can schedule your campaigns to send the right information to specific groups at opportune moments. This will involve both the Campaigns and Contacts sections of the CRM
  3. Sent Insights - After sending your campaigns, you can use Sent Insights to measure the performance and success of your emails. Some of the metrics tracked include Sent, Delivered, Opened, Clicked and Unsubscribed
  4. New - Click New to create a new campaign in minutes. The types of campaigns available are listed in the section above

Scheduling campaigns and reviewing insights

When you have created your emails, you can schedule them to be sent to your contacts at strategic times in the future. 


You can also monitor all campaigns which have been sent to see key metrics which can help you plan and target your contacts at key points in their house-buying journey.