Creating a sale completions (monthly) report

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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To help you get started with CRM reporting, we've created the following 3 Help Centre articles that demonstrate how to build the most requested reports by sales agents. 

In this article, we'll focus on creating a Smart group showing all sale completions within the past month. If required, the date range can be altered to show a different time period.

Sale completions smart group

The sale completions Smart group is useful for creating quick reports on monthly completed sales for your individual developments.

  1. Click the Plots section in the side panel
  2. Click Active Plots


    You can change the default funnel view to a list view via the icons in the top right beside the Filter option

  3. Once all of your active plots are listed, click Filter in the top right-hand corner of the Dashboard
  4. A list of Filter options appear that you can select from. You can also create custom parameters and rules from a broader filter if you wish.
    For this Smart group, you should select the Quick Filters option of New this week and the Funnel & Phase option.
    Both options will be customised further in the next steps to add the correct parameters
  5. Once Funnel & Phase is selected, a list of options appears. For this Smart group, click Completed to isolate these results only
  6. Once New this week is selected, you can alter the rule to change the time period to a month, or whichever timeframe suits your group best. Click on the notepad in the orange Filter tab and change the time period to months. Then, click Done
  7. With the group filtered, click ... (three dots) beside Active Plots and click Save as smart group
  8. Name your group and add the development Tags which are relevant. You should add the tags of all developments you wish to report on
  9. Click Save to finish

Once you've created this Smart group, it will sit in the Plots Dashboard and continually update without having to create individual monthly reports ever again.