Understanding leads

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The CRM is designed to capture your leads at the source of their enquiry, allowing you to document exactly where your customer base has been viewing your properties.

  • Leads from your website lead forms, leading property portals, social media or marketing campaigns can be automatically loaded into the CRM
  • We can also add all your current and previous leads into the CRM for reservation management and personalised marketing campaigns
  • You can also manually add leads to the CRM for walk ins or leads generated from outside social media or portals


  1. The Leads section of the Dashboard houses all of your leads. Each of these will remain in this list until an activity is logged against them
  2. To manually add a new lead, click New
  3. To view and edit your lead details, click the relevant leads name
    Alternatively, to delete a lead, tick the relevant one and click Delete