What does my CRM Dashboard show?

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Dashboard overview

When you sign in to your CRM account, you'll land on the Dashboard, which details your Activity and Tasks, your Funnels, and your Leads.


  1. On the left sidebar, you can view your Activity as well as any of your Tasks.
    1. Activity (24h) - This column shows all actions you've completed in the last 24 hours. This could be reserving a property, adding a task or creating a lead
    2. My Tasks - Any tasks you've created for yourself or have been assigned to, will be visible here
  2. In the middle, you have your Funnels. CRM Funnels are a visual representation of the plots in your developments. You can switch between developments to see a real-time visual of the sales progression of all units being sold
  3. On the right sidebar, you can view your Leads. Your Leads are made up of both automated and manually added contacts interested in your developments. They will remain in this column until they are qualified by adding an activity or reserving a unit

Toolbar and side panel overview

Above your Dashboard is a toolbar that contains a Search bar.

  • The Search bar allows you to search for contacts and deals across all your developments, in one place

On the left hand side of your Dashboard is a side panel that contains icons which open up different sections of the CRM. In each section, you'll be able to access specific data, as well as create reports.

  • + (Create New) - The + (Create New) button allows you to quickly create new data such as leads, tasks or campaigns within the CRM
  • Tasks - The Tasks section allows you to view and add tasks for your developments, enabling you to keep on top of any task assigned to you and create reports on them
  • Activities - The Activities section allows you to view and add activities for your developments and plots, enabling you to track all leads, reservations, sales progressions, and create reports on them 
  • Contacts - The Contacts section allows you to view all contacts who have been added to the CRM. You can filter contacts to create specific contact groups and reports based on a variety of options such as sources or tags
  • Plots - The Plots section allows you to find and view plot data for the different stages of the sales progression. You can also create your own groups of plots to monitor and report on
  • Reservations - The Reservations section allows you to view all data for your reservations. Again, you can create and monitor your own groups for reporting